Sunday, March 27, 2005

In Progress: One More Cup of Coffee Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

What Did I Care (Rosendo has his violence epiphany) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


One More Cup of Coffee is underway. This time I transferred the scanned drawing roughly to the dark gray panel and then developed the drawing with lines using a stick and acrylic, along with the rigger brush. The scale is working well thus far. And a very strong intuition came as I sat down to begin painting with oil (after isolation) – I knew the border of the carpet had to be a cold and dark, red/maroon tone, a gypsy visual experience. I did that immediately, just using the palette knife. I flicked in some lighter pink with the tip of the knife and I had it. I captured the spirit of the painting.
Next decision is whether to use the vertical corner lines of the transparent room as borders separating, globally, one part of the painting from another. This would most likely increase the quantity of harmonic steps in the work overall. On the other hand, leaving the room transparent makes a whole different mood or feeling, one without a name of course. Naturally. Artist’s are constantly working with things that have no names. Have never been named, because to name means to understand first. To experience to the point of being able to express that experience with words. The painter works with that which is pre-worded. Unfiltered. Requiring no translations. Immediately and directly given. Free of charge. No strings attached. But hopefully there will be lots of mystery and wonder as the eye feasts on the form.

Dylan's "One More Cup of Coffee"

I don't have the legal right to post the lyrics to Dylan's "One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)", but here's my take on it.

A man has a one-night situation with an incredibly beautiful, dark, romantic, dangerous, Gypsy Lady. He understands that she is under family control. He understands that she is uneducated and that they have nothing in common except brain-stem urges. He realizes she might actually be sociopathic.

So he decides to have one more cup of coffee before he hits the "valley below" which is the city and life - and life forever more without her.

But the night will forever exist in his memory in its own distorted form, and he will be able to tap it anytime, like a faucet.


How silly, this talk about God using people (Purpose Driven Life book). How can God use people after having kicked them out of Eden and given them autonomy and volition or free will? Who could buy the idea that God just occasionally slips into our reality? What does he do when the little girl is being tortured and raped and killed? Is he busy watching TV or what?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

a little after 6:00

Yuck. Image needs tweaking. Looked good in the other program. Anyway, Actor on Set is a 21 incher. Expresses a kind of Latin/Tropical mood I feel a lot. Relate to in many ways, particularly in stormy weather, or listening to Latin beats. Insistent black outlines. Isolated area of lighter value. Title echoes what a figurative painting is anyway. And I'm the director of the still.

Actor on Tropical Set Posted by Hello

3-22-05 2:47 PM

The twenty-one-inch square format lends itself to painting with the skewer sticks (for lines), and the conventional soft, round oil brush. The sixteen-inch square format lends itself to the rigger brush and meticulous filling-in. After trying to choose between them for the next piece, I got the idea to split the difference. Perhaps this will allow both approaches to co-exist comfortably. So the next piece will be 18 ½” X 18 ½ “.

Haven't figured out how to get any images on here yet, but I'll try for awhile.

Next I paint "One More Cup of Coffee", a Dylan song which I will illustrate.

First Post

For this first post I'm drawing a complete blank.